Monday, February 21, 2011

A Great Start To A Great Week!

I feel good today. So much better than I have over the weekend. I woke up at 8:30 this morning and was up and at 'em. Fixed myself some breakfast after feeding my kiddo, got dressed and such and hit the road to take care of some things today. Had to take hubby lunch because we didn't have anything for him to take today. After that I went grocery shopping to restock my house up another week.

My sniffles have mostly stopped and all the thick mucousy crap in my sinuses is drying up. It's 79 degrees and mostly sunny. Spending the day out and about in the beautiful weather is so uplifting to my spirits and physically feeling better has me in such a positive mood that I excited again for the week. I may not have had much of a loss this week (and somehow because I am always late, keep managing to appear as if I have dropped out on the lists Allan make!) but the next weigh in....I am looking forward to very much.

We went out yesterday to check out a park for some nature trails and such but much to our disappointment, they had done a controlled burn recently so there was nothing more to see than burnt woods. So, we furthered our drive a bit and went down to the beach. I am a person who loves very little in this world much more than beach life. It is always a relaxing experience to me. The weather was about 68 at the beach (81 here at our house) but the sun was bright so it was perfect weather for strolling the powder soft sand barefoot and kicking around in the crystal clear water. We only spent an hour or so there, but it was just enough to change what started off as a bad day into a wonderful one.

I have made plans with some family for us all to go next Sunday, early on in the day, and spend the day there. So, Sunday is a BIG BIG day for me as I know I will be having a great weigh in AND spending the day in one of my favorite places.


  1. Good morning Mistress, can you do me a favor, PLEASE!!! Send me some of that warmth you have. I want to walk on the beach, find a path that's not frozen and full of snow. Oh I know, in another 3 months we can be doing that but your description sounded so wonderful.
    I am here from Allan's blog. I am one of his peeps since last October.
    I have done some reading on your blog and find you very interesting and love the way your write.
    Good luck on your life style journey, I know you can do this. You have come so far in just the little time I was reading.
    Take care and God bless!!

  2. Can't wait to see the results! Keep it up and you'll continue to see results. Good for you!