Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Day 3

Today has been a "blah" day. It was sunny most of the day and got to about 58 degrees outside but I still feel cloudy! On top of being sore (it hurts to get into the sitting position....and of course we all know that that position is visited quite frequently when drinking a ton of water) I have felt slightly dizzy and overall tired today. I am looking forward to walking tonight. I really am beginning to enjoy the walking. Not just the walking as per the plan because I began walking 3 or 4 weeks ago. I feel so much better afterwards. I can breath deeply and clearly, and even though I may be pouring sweat and hot as hell....I physically feel good. It's also a couple of hours that I get to myself while hubby watches the kid.

I am slightly concerned about this coming weekend because we are going out of town. My son has his 9 month checkup this Friday and his doctor is in the next state over. We just moved to our current location since my son was born and for the sake insurance and such we chose to keep his doctor there until he's one year old. We stay with family while there. My grandmother is who we will be with. We leave Thursday night and will be back Sunday afternoon. Wish me luck on staying strong while away and at the mercy of other people's meals! LOL!

I get the emails sent out by everyone daily and I just want say that I can't spend all day responding to emails. That's what this blog is for....the daily summary and wishing everyone else luck while reporting my feelings and such. So, sorry for not participating.

Hope everyone's day has been and continues to be great.

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  1. I know what you mean about the emails. It's a great idea and some folks prefer the privacy of that to their blogs while others just don't have blogs so that's a good way for them to get the encouragement they need. Me? I've never been good at answering emails; I read them but even with emails to friends ... they know not to expect an answer right away because I'm terrible with that. Besides, it's so much easier to just write what I have to say on my blog.

    Do your best while you're at Grandma's. One good tip is, if they aren't making the foods you can eat, just pay extra attention to your portions. And keep drinking your water. :)