Friday, February 18, 2011

Day 12

I really want some salmon. Blackened salmon, roasted asparagus and bell peppers, salad, and iced tea. That is what sounds good to me RIGHT NOW!

It is warm here today....beautifully sunny, 72 degrees, slight breeze in the air. It has been this way most of this week. The beach is callllllling to me. We live within 30 minutes and on weekends hubby and I like to go down and wade knee deep and search for shells, sea glass, and drift wood. It has become much more of a challenge having the kiddo because we have to carry him, make sure it isn't too cool or drafty on him, make sure there isn't too much sun out which would burn him, etc etc.

I am daydreaming today of how tomorrow would be perfect for browsing the beach and then coming home and firing up the grill for some grilled goodies. But.....BUT!!!! Hubby has to work late tonight, work tomorrow, and I am sick. BLAH!

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